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Companies often decide to relocate due to their increased headcount, however you could save considerable time and money by commissioning a workplace study before instructing your professional team to source a new building. As office design specialists, we recommend undertaking a workplace study as the very first stage as it will highlight how your current offices are operating and more importantly demonstrate whether they can be improved and if cost efficiencies can be made. Our workplace analysis report:

  • takes into account your existing working practices, company culture and general business objectives
  • analyses your particular needs: workstation layout and density, storage requirements, breakout areas, meeting rooms, audio-visual, air-conditioning, IT, kitchens, etc.
  • accommodates predicted changes in staff levels
  • shows you exactly the number of square feet you really need 
  • is cost-effective and quick to perform

How it works:

The analysis is carried out by our own team of specialists. They set out to address three major issues:

  • Space requirements
    • How much space and storage do you need?
    • How can you maximise communication between departments?
    • How will you house your IT equipment?
  • Future growth
    • Do you have enough space to leave room for growth?
    • Will it scale up or scale down?
    • Is it flexible enough?
  • Refurbishment vs. relocation
    • Should you stay or should you go?
    • Could you make more of the space you've already got?

The Report:

Once we’ve analysed the results, you’ll also get a clear, detailed report, including:

  • Preliminary space plans – how can you make best use of your space?
  • Estimated costs – what will it cost to design and fit out?
  • Online staff surveys – what really matters most to you and your staff?

When your report is ready, we'll come and present it in person. It's the ideal opportunity for your project teams and stakeholders to ask us any questions or raise their concerns.


There are a variety of reasons to carry out a Furniture Audit and a number of methods which can be used, and Goodesign have experience in all of these.  We have compiled information for assessing storage capacity, auditing has taken place on specific furniture items within an organisation and full furniture surveys conducted on the entire contents of offices.  The data captured can be presented in the form of furniture layouts, spreadsheets or databases or a combination of the three.

Once all the data has been collected, compiled and reviewed a client may chose to procure new furniture for all or part of their new office.

No single manufacturer produces the best chair, desk or storage system. As an independent company, we'll source the right furniture to fit your business and brief.

Our office design consultants will make sure your new furniture will work with your office design as well as suit your budget. We'll take you around to showrooms so you can touch and feel every piece before you buy.

Office furniture has to do more than look pretty. As experts in executive office furniture supply, we offer advice on European standards, health and safety, ergonomics and more


Our team of surveyors has the knowledge and skills to tackle virtually any type of structure.  We have carried out surveys of a variety of building types, including commercial, retail, residential, warehousing, technical facilities and laboratories.  Some members of the team have at least 22 years experience of building surveys.

How it works:

  • On-site data is captured using the very latest laser measuring technology
  • A photographic record is made of all areas using digital photographic equipment.
  • Survey information is quickly transformed into CAD drawings.
  • The CAD drawings are then checked on site to ensure their accuracy.
  • The survey is delivered either in the form of electronic files or hard copy plots.


As part of our initial proposal, we'll strip the proposed space down, in our mind's eye, and reconfigure it around your current and anticipated headcount, the development of corporate workstation standards and generic concept layouts can be produced and used as a template for clients to form opinions on departmental adjacencies.

We'll present you with a range of different ways of planning your space, and explain what impact each of these plans will have on the overall budget.

We use number of vehicles to strategically plan our clients’ requirements in the form of block and stacking plans, spreadsheets or schedules and all documentation is supported with AutoCAD drawings, using typical industry, corporate or specifically developed space standards.

We use a variety of planning methods from traditional schemes to radical solutions using standard furniture footprints or bespoke products, whichever best fulfils the clients’ needs and requirements.


Our creative designers are very keen to provide graphics, hand drawn and/or computer generated visuals and actual materials/products as early as possible so that everyone is aware of the office design.

They will illustrate traffic flows, meeting spaces, storage, equipment location, power and data points, light sources and sound issues prior to developing detailed construction drawings. 


To assist our clients and create a clear understanding of our design whilst maintaining value for money, our talented designers use a number of visualization techniques/software ranging from animated computer generated walkthroughs, to CG images, photoshop and handrawn visuals to “softpencil” sketches as appropriate.


Goodesign’s creative team, comprising interior designers, architects and architectural technicians as required, specialise in the production of hi-quality fast-response design and architectural schemes for clients, utilising the latest versions of industry standard technology, enabling us to communicate design concepts.

We provide clients with Sample and Mood boards, Artwork and 3D Visualisations of our scheme, as well as detailed CAD and Working/Construction Drawings and Schedules.

Once complete, all design information is provided in a format, which will assist in the actual implementation of the project.


During construction, your designer/project manager will be your single point of contact, they'll meet with you on a regular basis and give you progress reports tailored to your time and desired involvement in the project.  They will assist in the production of information for all necessary approvals, co-ordinate all inspections, monitor health and safety and CDM compliance, oversee programme, approve payments and ensure regulatory compliance.